Short Stories

Recently I have started reading more short stories, doing daily writing challenges, and attempting to find other ways to be creative in life. 

I have my cooking, the garden/yard, crocheting and knitting… I know I know. I just often times feel like I have not yet found that “thing” that really lets me release my creativity. I do some acrylic painting here and there, have attempted with watercolors.. (too much set up/clean up in painting). The worst of it is, my craft room upstairs has carpet and we are basically forbidden from painting over carpet. I will need to set up a board to set my easel on if I wanted to paint inside. 

I have found short stories and writing, fun.. creative. It reminded me that as a kid I LOVED reading the dictionary and thesaurus. I loved reading books. During the summer time I would read many many books. More books than you would ever think possible for a preteen and teenager to read. 

Then adulthood happened. Sadly, I was not the smart one that melded my passions and career together. My reading went on the wayside for quite some time. I have become very self-conscious of the words I speak and the things I write. Often I have doubted what I say to be worth the time to read or even good enough to post. 

I am going to start though. Truly start. Not just say I am going to start. 

Haha. I have been researching, writing, and will at some point in time litter my little blog with words and small stories in between the food posts. 

Here is an obligatory dog picture, in the middle of my crochet blanket. 

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