Crocheted Scrappy Blanket


This is a long time in the making, a year to be accurate. I got bored of the blanket in the summer. I also end up doing more outdoorsy things during the warmer months.

Finished. Product. 

Anyway, the blanket. I had left overs from other projects, the temperature blanket, the chevron blanket, mood scarf, my granny square blanket, some random scarfs, granny square coasters or things, blankets for friends….oh man I like to make blankets don’t I? 

The Materials and stitch 
1. Medium weight yarn – mainly acrylic
 – I used Lion Heart Brand, Red Heart, Hobby Lobby’s brand, Joann Fabrics, and any brand that was just around and needed using up
2. Crochet Hook – 4.5mm
3. Linen Stitch/Granite Stitch/Moss Stitch – I have heard it called many things – basically you single crochet one, chain one, skip that next spot spot, single crochet in next spot. 

I did not make this, I borrowed this diagram from another website. 

4. Time – some time in the day to get a row or so done

This is several rows in. Started with the dark blue on bottom. 

I stitched the starter chain with 225, I intended on this to be a Lapghan. My general idea for a pattern was:
 – 3 rows of the same color, 1 row of a brighter/different color,  and repeat 3 times
 – 4 rows of the same color, 1 row of a contrasting color, repeat 4 times 

From right to left is the increasing pattern of 3 rows of 3, 4 rows of 4, 5 rows of 5 and so on for the blanket. 

Plan was to continue this up to 9rows of 9. This is when I had to abort this plan, I only did 2 of the 9 rows or the same color. The blanket was getting too big and even with this abort abort, I had to cut it short at the decreasing rows of 6 of 6. I just did 6, 5, 4, 3, and done! 

If I had to do the plan again for a lapghan, I would stop at the 7 rows of 7 then decrease to the 6 rows of 6, 5 rows of 5, and so on from there. This would be the perfect size for a lapghan I think. 

Here is the completed project, it is perfect for the couch. Sadly, I still have a lot of scrap yarn left over. I think my next project will be a corner to corner, but I will just connect all of the ends together that way it is one long seamless blanket. 

Little big for my Lapghan, but that’s ok. 

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