Snow Shoeing


Snow Shoeing, so much fun, I’m hooked. I don’t like cold, nor snow really, but snow shoeing was not cold at all. I was warm the entire time we were on that mountain trekking around the trails.

We went up to Steven’s Pass this past weekend to the Nordic Center where they have cross country ski trails and snow shoeing trails.

IMG_5691 2

It was a fun adventure that I am glad we did. I am looking forward to going back up in a few weeks and doing it over again. It was a fantastic workout and a fun way to get around in feet of snow. There are a couple more trails I plan on getting onto before the snow season ends, but am glad we have one under our belt.

What I noticed about snow shoeing:

  1. It burned A LOT of calories in just two hours of snowshoeing
  2. It was a full body work out.
  3. Overall, it was low impact.
  4. My whole body was being used, good for arms and core since you benefit from using poles.
  5. Relatively low cost, you can either buy snow shoes or rent them, but considering the cost of other snow sports snow shoeing is inexpensive.

I have a few other trails in mind for this season to just continue to get used to snow shoeing. I am using this to also get myself ready for this coming spring/summer hiking adventures.

I am glad we are going to do more snow shoeing. It is another way to go and hike when the conditions just aren’t good for normal hiking.

SUCH FUN! How do you stay sane during the cold, winter months?

If you can’t get away to some warm sunshine, staying active in the winter months is key.

IMG_5694 2

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