January Goals

At the beginning of the year I purchased a Clever Fox journal to help me keep better track of my goals. I had been venturing down the idea of doing a bullet journal, but the idea that I would have to buy a dotted journal and create the whole set up myself overwhelmed me. So I watched a few YouTube videos about minimal bullet journals, learned about how it is suppose to help you, and then researched best pre-made journals that would be a good start.


Lo and behold, I found the CleverFox Weekly Planner on Amazon, purchased it, and started on it. Let me excited at first by saying the presentation was FANTASTIC. The planner came in it own box with a freaking user manual. At first, I scoffed at this manual, then after flipping through the first few pages of this wonderfully bound, velvety journal, I sheepishly opened that User Manual and read what the heck I supposed to do with this “planner” I thought was so amazing when I bought it.


I was overwhelmed at first but this only lasted for about 15 seconds until I realized, I didn’t HAVE to finish it all right now. Giving myself time and thinking over my gratitudes, passions, skills I wanted to learn, and affirmations is the whole point of this planner. Letting myself know that I didn’t need to have it all planned out by January 1st was all I needed.

  1. The first pages are about your gratitudes, passions, skills you would like to learn, and affirmations. I encourage you to THINK over these things, keep this planner with you and write those down as they come to you. Jot them down somewhere if you don’t have the planner handy that way you can add it later.
  2. The next pages are a “My Vision board” and my Vision Board will not look like those well manicured, artistically designed, and thoughtful ones that other people may have. Do you know why this is? It is my vision board, not theirs. Mine has all the hikes, cycling, trips, writing, reading, and growth I want to accomplish this year. 
  3. The next two pages are goals. They will go over Health & Fitness, Business & Career, Family & Friends, Relationships & Romance, Finance, Personal Development, Fun & Recreation, and Spiritual. I have made myself goals that are rational and attainable. I want to feel like I was an 80% success this year, not 75% failure because I was not realistic or thoughtful with my goals I was setting. My goals are perfect for me. My focus for the goals are ones that keep me feeling positive/hopeful and not like a failure. 
  4. The final part at the beginning was the The Mind Map. My Mind Map on the other hand… I have not idea what to do there so it is blank as of today. 

The next portion is going to be the first month and I like that it gives you “Monthly Goals”, ” This Month’s Win'” and “How I’ll Improve Next Month”. I have made the goals broad and for January’s “wins” a slight bit humorous. For one of my “Wins” I have written “Caught Flu A and lived to tell about it”. Do you know why? The Flu A wiped me out for over a week! That was 1/4 of my month, and I might as well celebrate surviving it since it took up so much of the month from me.

After the Month overview you will see a weekly page, the left side dedicated to the 7 days so you can plan, then the other side has sections of ” This Week’s Main Goal”, “This Week’s Priorities”, “Notes”, “Personal To-Do List”, seven spots for “Habits/Skills”, “This Week’s Wins”, and finally ” How I’ll Improve Next Week”.

I do use different colors pens, some Washi Tape, and thin tipped markers to make the pages come alive and to color organize items.


I have found these VERY helpful week to week. I have tracked my endometriosis pain/symptoms, my moods, nights out, dinners, overall exercise, and the goals I want to accomplish this year.

If you have been thinking about getting into Bullet Journaling to assist in improving yourself or keep yourself on track with your goals, but maybe you’re finding the concept overwhelming like I did, get this journal. I can guarantee that if you set your mind to it, you stick with it, you make yourself attainable and measurable goals, that you will be able to use this planner fluidly and it will help you stay focussed. I only guarantee this as the book with pieces of paper isn’t the “fix” but maybe it will help you stick with YOUR goals.

Till next time,


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