PenPals and Letters


I love it so much, getting a hand written letter is basically receiving a little bit of love from the person that has put their heart and words into that pen and paper. I want to give that same type of love and joy to others.

When I was a teen I loved to write random addresses from the yellow pages. I would write this unknowing recipient something about my day, keeping it pretty anonymous, giving them encouraging words, and possibly sending a dozen or four stickers there way. I loved to write and write people.

Flash forward throughout my adulthood and I kept writing more and more. When I discovered Postcrossing, it was all down hill from there! I have boxes of postcards received and blank to send. You should check it out if you like postcards, sending or receiving.

Would you like to see what I write? I am trying to get more decorated with letters, the envelopes, and the extras that can be added into the little package.

Do you like letters? Have you written anyone before?

Till next time,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your blog makes me so happy just by reading through your awesome and exciting life! You inspire me so much!


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