The 2020 Planner

Who bought a 2020 planner? I did. I actually debated and bought something that’s like a bullet journal planner. I debated on that decision for over 2 months. Why? Cause honestly I was not sure if I would stick with it or not. At first there seemed to be a lot of steps, little details I just didn’t want to bother with, and more work than I wanted to put in.

Some stickers added of course. I think a few more need to be added here soon. Since we are in month 6 of the year.

I bought the Clever Fox planner, I didn’t have time to create my own every month. I know myself enough to know, I will not stick with that. This planner is minimal, well set up, and easy to use. I would say when the mayhem of the pandemic hit back in the beginning of March I did not stick with the planner for the first couple of weeks; however, this did not last for long.

Even in the two months that I used it prior to chaos breaking lose, I noticed how much it kept me on track already. During this pandemic and during these interesting and trying times we live in, I am using my planner to just keep me focussed and keep my anxiety lower. The lack of a plan, no matter how small it was, was impacting my calm, mellow state.

My planner may not include a lot of outings now, a lot of those actually got whited out, but I am using it to keep me on track with my exercises, journaling, and mental health activities. I am using it to keep me on track with gardening, house chores, and fun things that are within our restrictions. My favorite has been writing down how my moods have been effected by everything going on around me.

Some days all my day have planned are the meals, gardening, and reading. I am ok with that for some days.

If you bought a planner and then discarded it when COVID changed everything, dig it back out again and keep track of your moods and mental health. Pick up a home hobby that is easy to do and inexpensive. Use it as a journal to write down your emotions and sort things out on paper.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Til Next Time,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I may get a planner myself! Sounds like a great tool, and one step closer to the productive, organized lifestyle I have been working towards!


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