Learning Watercolours

I started doing some watercolours last year but I only did a couple of paintings and then life got away with me.

Doodles to let the paint do its thing.

I started back up this past March, even before COVID started. In May I just focused on using one colour to work on gradients as well as fun little doodle like images. This month I’m trying to focus on letting the paint be the guide. I am trying to “let go” of controlling how the paint/water work and let it show me its potential.

Silly, I know, but that is this month’s goal and I’m sticking to it.

Here are some of my paintings since I started. Some are better than others, some I got tired of partway through since they were not going the direction ion I wanted them to so I scrapped them and started a new one.

My small collection of works

There are a few paintings that are the same because I will do one right after the other just to get a better idea of the techniques I am learning. There have been times when I am in the middle of the painting and I realize my screw up, so I start a new one and then work on them side by side.

I want to do another green forest picture and another galaxy picture.

I have been enjoying them, the watercolours are challenging but rewarding.

Till Next Time,

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