Finally, A HIKE!


Feeling comfortable enough in the midst of this pandemic, I finally took a hike on a trail I wanted to accomplish last year. It was not achieved last year because the trail is rather rocking and I wanted to guard my back from that previous back injury and surgery.

I am very glad I did not do it last year and gave it another year before I did. PooPoo Point was my first solo hike of the season due to COVID. As much as I love the outdoors and hiking, I really did not feel comfortable getting out there just yet like so many other people have been.

I got to the trailhead about 9am, snatched the last parking spot, leashed Jazzy up, and we went on our merry little way up the mountain. This trail offered an incline basically the ENTIRE way up the 1700 ft. elevation. It took me, being the first decent hike of the year, about 1.25 hours to the top. I had to be careful on the rocky bits as you can see in the pictures, they were a bit slippery and frankly, one wrong twist and I’d spazz my back out. I felt like the slow old lady at some parts even though I am not very old. Hahaha.

The top view, looking at Mount Rainier was PERFECT and WORTH the climb up. The paraglider side was meh. Jazz and I sat there though, had water and a snack, enjoyed looking out at the expanse of the cityscape and everything else before we headed back down the mountain.

Heading back down was much more difficult for me due to my, yet again, back issue. I was SLOW so very slow. It also did not help that on my way down EVERYONE and their mom decided it was time to go up the mountain. Being the one traveling downhill, I had to yield to those coming up. There were LINES of people coming up and the trail was very narrow. This was not enjoyable as the mosquitos had also woken up! When I made it to the parking lot it was packed and people were queuing to just get a spot. The road up to the trail parking lot was also lined with cars that unloaded its passengers onto a very surprised trail.

I wore my mask the entire way down due to the amount of traffic. I was shocked by how many people did NOT wear their masks though.

I am glad to cross “PooPoo Point” off my list of hikes in the area that I wanted to do, but I will most likely not do that one again. I think there are far prettier and better hikes around this area.

For what I packed for food: only one water bottle and a Cliff Cubes bar – this was perfect for me.

Till Next Time,

Oh, please enjoy this photo of Jazzy resting at the top.

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