Happy New Year to 2021

I am here to share that last year I did 13 blog posts, started doing Youtube videos, consistently worked on my planner/bullet journal, had the largest garden to date, and read a lot of books. I continued on with my watercolors and even started working more on my short stories and my other stories. Yes, 2020 did not go as planned and things I had hoped to do were postponed/canceled, but in light of all that my family and I still have our health.

Last year I used a CleverFox planner, and I am here to report stuck with it after my initial reservations. I even, if you can believe it, am doing a full on bullet journal this year and forgoing the preset planner designs. I can’t believe it personally, I didn’t think I would do a bullet journal and design it myself. The idea of that was overwhelming and kinda daunting.

To get myself set up, I predrafted all of January and February and I have the pages assigned in pencil for March. I read a lot and watched videos in regards to setting up a bullet journal that stated to only do a week at a time and see how that works for you. I know me though, I will need a few weeks to figure out if I like my layout and how I can improve it.

I think that is the great thing about bullet journals, they are there to HELP you get the things done that you want to get done, not to be a hinderance. You can be as minimal or as artsy as you want to in yours and that is allowed to change week by week. The planner/journal can be organized how you need it to be.

Keeping with the planner has actually helped me feel more accomplished and it keeps me calmer as I do the day to day activities. It has helped me stay focussed, on task, and also be able to look back at the last week or month and see how much I have actually stuck with my habits/plans.

I did keep the layout that I liked from my CleverFox planner, and to anyone reading, I think it would be a great idea to start with a CleverFox planner before diving into a full blown bullet journal. If you are on the fence about it, find a preplanned one that seems to suit what you are looking for and start there.

I will post specifically about the journal layout I did on another post, if I did not this one would be way too long!

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make some plans for the year, look forward to things! If they get cancelled, well you are already well practiced for that from last year. Find smaller things, more local things, and different things that help you find some joy in your life.

Til Next Time,

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