First Bujo setup


Last year I purchased and used a CleverFox planner. I really enjoyed that planner but felt I needed to make some adjustments… truly there wasn’t a whole lot of reorganizing I needed to do but I wanted to attempt my own. For anyone who wants to do a planner/journal or bullet journal I would highly recommend started with a CleverFox planner. I found that their set up was quite simple, flowed well, and made sense. They had plenty of room to write down to do lists and set priorities.

What changes did I make?

  • In the start of the book I added
    • Post It page
    • Index
    • Ideas of things I would like to do in the bullet journal as far as designs later on
    • A front envelope to hold the items I use to decorate/layout the journal a
    • A previous year overview
    • Reading Nook page to document the books I read
    • A Why statement – why the heck am I spending my time on this thing
  • I kept a
    • Vision page
    • Goals
    • Year Calendar but added room to add MY events during the year
  • What I changed about the weekly layouts
    • I kept the day layout the same Mon- Fri have their own sections and the weekends are together
    • The second page for tracking I morphed a bit for me. I stopped having a weekly goal with a reward if accomplished, I didn’t find that beneficial to me. I like an overarching monthly goal I am working towards and coming up with treats or rewards just seemed more bothersome than helpful in the end.
    • I combined wins and improvements for next week. In the CleverFox planner it was laid out to list 3 Wins then 3 Improvements in separate sections, I just made it one second that way it flowed better.

The biggest change is I have left a blank spread between each of the weeks to use as a section for journaling. That was one thing I really wanted to have in my CleverFox planner because I would use the back section to keep track of journaling. I wanted it to be connected to the week it was concerning. So, now all I do is flip the page and there is my journaling section for the week.

Here are some pictures of the spread:

Not bad I think. Works well for me, add some stickers and other decorations if you please and BAM. Instant organization, well kinda since I have to stick with it. It is very minimal but can be easily created into what you want if you prefer more artsy.

This works for me! What do you find works best for you in regards to staying on task throughout the year? I am happy to add my Reading Nook for the year and see my progress of books read. I love reading so seeing that written down may be a huge reward for me. Simple pleasures.

Till next time,

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